We design automatic lines with high process verticalization, to assembly inside our plants the complete finished product. Some of the processes already integrated into our automatic lines are laser and hot blade welding for plastics, laser marking, coating and resin dispensing, mechanical insertions.

We recently developed a standard automatic line (MAC line, patent pending) that can be configured and setup for multiple products and finishing processes, with the objective to apply automatic workflow also to high mix low volume production.

Bitron MES (manufacturing execution system) provides comprehensive solutions for traceability, production scheduling and quality KPI monitoring on real time base. Standard reports are available, like unique ID tracking or component batch utilization. All our process monitoring systems are working on real time base, to help production operators and engineers to improve process quality output.

The testing section manages in-circuit testing (ICT), functional verification testing (FVT) and special, customized tests.

In-Circuit Test (ICT)
: all designed and manufactured internally (with the exception of the mechanical structure), including interface boards, test software and debugging.  In addition to classic in-circuit parameters, we also test LED function and colour, as well as mechanical switches and potentiometers, using mechanical actuators.  Functional tests on energized boards are also carried out on these fixtures.  Devices such as microprocessors can be programmed during ICT.  The equipment can be manually or automatically loaded and unloaded, and we also use flying probe systems for fast prototyping.

Functional Verification Test (FVT)
Bitron develops standard functional verification test equipment as well as customized models for specific tasks, such as the testing of electricity meters, photovoltaic installation controls and tyre pressure sensors.

Our systems measure voltage, current, energy, power, pressure and torque.  Loading and unloading can be manual or automated.  All test data is stored on centralized servers to respond to traceability requirements.

As a global EMS provider, our supply chain management system has dedicated modules for demand planning analysis, components procurement and delivery tracking.

Our ERP system can handle both manual order transmission or EDI implementations, according to customer requests.

We are now serving more than 500 customers worldwide in the appliance, automotive, energy, HVAC and industrial sectors.