BITRON S.p.A. - Unità di Grugliasco

Established in 1969

25.330 sq.m. Covered 19.000 sq.m.


R&D capabilities
Analog, Digital, HMI & Power Electronics
Full design integration of hardware, software, mechanical design, validation, testing and PCB layout from concept to product for different markets

Manufacturing capabilities
Full traceability and automatic MSL control, 3D solder paste inspection, Pin in paste assembly, PTH automatic insertion and soldering module, In-line ICT testing and AOI (2D/3D), X-ray inspection, Reconfigurable router (PCB separation), Reconfigurable mechanical assembly, Multi assembly cells, Real time monitoring of production data, Internal development of testing solution.

BITRON S.p.A. - Unità di Grugliasco
Strada del Portone, 95 - 10095 Grugliasco (TO) Italy
Tel +39 011 4029111